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MUSIC NERD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Happy Birthday, Sly Stone!


Today is the birthday of one of the most gifted, successful and still conflicted artists to ever walk the face of the earth: Sylvester Stewart, better known to us as Sly Stone. An iconic figure in rock, pop, soul, funk and even Hip Hop to a certain extent (being that much of his music helped to shape lots of funk that would come after it, which would subsequently influence Hip Hop), we would be remiss to not give credit where credit is due.

I mean, think about it: what if Sly Stone had never been born? What if we had not been exposed to the rowdy, soulful and psychedelic music that he created in the 60s that would lead to darker and yet just as brilliant material later on? What it there wasn’t a Sly Stone that found his way to California all those years ago and had the courage to combine the elements of so many different kinds of music, as well as to front mixed race and gender band during the height of unrest and social change in America? I personally would like to perish the thought all together. So today, March 15, while there’s still some time, let’s take time out to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thank you to Sly and all he did to influence, push and change music as we know it. Peep some of his greatest tracks below.