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This past holiday season, many an R&B project got lost in the hustle and bustle of Beyonce’s monumental release of her latest album. But one that did and still deserves a ton of respect and attention is that of St. Louis native Teresa Jenee, who’s been putting out quality, inventive and against-the-grain R&B music for years. Just for her fans, she decided to put out an EP entitled “The Lower East Live EP”, recorded in New York. The four-song quite contains some of her most beautiful music from the past few years, repackaged into a project to re-introduce herself and possibly gain some more attention for the great music she’s been making for years. To take a listen and purchase the EP, go to http://teresajenee.bandcamp.com/releases, where you can also get more information about this amazing artist and buy all of her past musical projects.

Q-Tip – Red Bull Music Academy Lecture


Let me just start by buffering this post by saying me trying to do justice to this lecture is a little beyond me, because it is simply that engaging, engrossing, mind opening and expansive. Red Bull Music Academy, for years and years, has been good for bringing some of the most insightful and creative minds in music to their stages to give TED-like lectures in all things music, especially when it comes to creativity and production. Q-Tip has got to be one of the highlights of the 2013 series, as he used the stage to talk about his career, some of the greatest albums that he’s been part of as an artist, producer and engineer, the general direction of music and Hip Hop, and artists that he’s worked with from Mobb Deep to Dilla to Common to Kanye. This is an excellent interview/lecture and Q-Tip goes pretty deep. He talks about some of the samples he’s used and how he came to find them, what inspires him as an artist and producer, and so much more. Like I said, I can’t truly do justice to it. You just gotta take two hours out of your day to watch it!