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Fuze the Mc – Angel In A Blue Dress (ft. Ayanna)

I’ve commented on Fuze the MC before very, very briefly, but I wanted to post a video in support of him because I think his story is pretty intriguing. After reading the bio that he has posted on his website and getting a bit more information of how he used his computer programming/graphic design skills to get his foot in the door industry-wise, I was impressed and I’m looking to hear much more from this dude in the future. He’s already built up a hell of a following for himself and made the right connections so far, and if he keeps on this path there’s no telling what he can do. Love the sample on the song, by the way!

Yung Menace – “Reality Of It”


Every now and then you get taken back to your own personal heyday of when you really got into Hip Hop. That’s what’s just happened with me from Brooklyn artist Yung Menace and his latest mixtape Reality Of It. Menace has lots of samples on here that take it back to the ’90s on some Hip Hop ish, giving a very gritty and pounding feel, unlike much of today’s Hip Hop that’s either leans towards the sides electro-pop or trap rap. Nothing against it, but sometimes you want and NEED to be taken back. Much love to Yung Menace, CollegeDJ.net, MY Publicity and the MCMedia Group. Be sure to check it out and support indie Hip Hop.

WhizDumb & Arlo Grey – “Take The Turnpike”

Released on Valentine’s Day, this is a new release from Organeyes Rhyme artist WhizDumb. With a musical style and rhyme scheme reminiscent of artists from Rhymesayers Entertainment, WhizDumb uses a cunning a adventurous style of wordplay layered dramatically over a lush, densely guitar-driven beat that’s perfectly equipped for Hip Hop storytelling. Coupled with video imagery that goes for the artistic yet simple approach, “Take The Turnpike” makes for an interesting view. It will be interesting to see where this artist, as well as Organeyes Rhyme as a label, goes in the future with their music.


So yesterday, a good friend of mind dropped her debut mixtape to the world, and I’d like for folks to check it out right here on my blog! Beat maker and Mz. Marina was gracious enough to bless us with a 13-track project on Bandcamp called “Beats4Breakfast: Love is Evol”. I personally have been able to see a lot of growth in Marina ever since we met as students at Full Sail just three short years ago, and I can truly say she’s become a great friend. And she’s truly been doing lots of grinding and creating as of late. This project is the culmination of all that hard work and growth, but it’s also a new beginning for this native from the NY/NJ area. Take a listen to these beat concoctions by Marina as she takes you on a journey through her love of Hip Hop music. And spread the word to all those you know who are lovers of music. “Beats4Breakfast: Love is Evol” doesn’t disappoint. Like I’ve said so many times before and will probably say again…GO MARINA!

Peep the full project on MzMarina’s Bandcamp site. Also be sure to follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @MzMarina.