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NERDVOCATE COMMENTARY: Thoughts on the James Brown Biopic Trailer

So the trailer of the biopic on the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, just recently hit the web. Personally I really like the choice of Chadwick Boseman as the Godfather: he’s got a look and a sound that is actually pretty convincing. The main problem with many of these movies is that they never really seem to go as in depth as they can. Example: “Ray” starring Jamie Foxx was a pretty good movie and Jamie actually did a hell of a job as the legendary Ray Charles, but it still fell just a little bit short. I guess that’s mainly because so many of these pictures try really hard to capture the entire life AND career of their subjects in 2-3 hours, and with musical figures as towering as James Brown, Ray Charles and many others, it’s a feat that’s already putting the movie at a disadvantage. Still I don’t wanna jump the gun, because Boseman and many others that are part of this movie could very well break the mold. Only time, and the theaters, will be able to tell for sure. Now, between this and Andre 3000 playing Jimi Hendrix, if we could only get Don Cheadle to finally play Miles Davis in that biography, I’d personally be set for at least a while!