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This past holiday season, many an R&B project got lost in the hustle and bustle of Beyonce’s monumental release of her latest album. But one that did and still deserves a ton of respect and attention is that of St. Louis native Teresa Jenee, who’s been putting out quality, inventive and against-the-grain R&B music for years. Just for her fans, she decided to put out an EP entitled “The Lower East Live EP”, recorded in New York. The four-song quite contains some of her most beautiful music from the past few years, repackaged into a project to re-introduce herself and possibly gain some more attention for the great music she’s been making for years. To take a listen and purchase the EP, go to http://teresajenee.bandcamp.com/releases, where you can also get more information about this amazing artist and buy all of her past musical projects.

From HYPEBOT: The Future Of Direct-To-Fan Marketing


Direct-To-Fan Music Marketing is all the rage right now. So many platforms and so many outlets are now in the process of offering so much to fans, and to artists and musicians, to connect on a direct, personal level. Whether it’s companies like Kickstarter or PledgeMusic that are building some of the most formidable platforms to build direct-to-fan campaigns, or smaller companies that are on the rise, or a company like Bandcamp that uses the opportunity for artists to sell and give their music to fans, DTF is now the way of the music world. Hypebot’s Kyle Bylin has an impressive article about how DTF is changing and evolving, including some of the previously-mentioned companies and some of their growing pains, companies that are on the rise, new strategic endeavors and more, guided by the thoughts of four respected music executives. Check out the link to the article below:



So yesterday, a good friend of mind dropped her debut mixtape to the world, and I’d like for folks to check it out right here on my blog! Beat maker and Mz. Marina was gracious enough to bless us with a 13-track project on Bandcamp called “Beats4Breakfast: Love is Evol”. I personally have been able to see a lot of growth in Marina ever since we met as students at Full Sail just three short years ago, and I can truly say she’s become a great friend. And she’s truly been doing lots of grinding and creating as of late. This project is the culmination of all that hard work and growth, but it’s also a new beginning for this native from the NY/NJ area. Take a listen to these beat concoctions by Marina as she takes you on a journey through her love of Hip Hop music. And spread the word to all those you know who are lovers of music. “Beats4Breakfast: Love is Evol” doesn’t disappoint. Like I’ve said so many times before and will probably say again…GO MARINA!

Peep the full project on MzMarina’s Bandcamp site. Also be sure to follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @MzMarina.