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Detroit Hip Hop is on the rise again, with a bountiful plethora of solo artists and groups paving a way and staking a claim in the 21st Century Hip Hop marketplace. And among them is The Regiment, the lyrically inclined take-no-prisoners Boom Bap Hip Hop-centric duo of Osi and IseQold that are helping to paint a more positive yet still unrelentingly uplifting vision of Hip Hop from Detroit that not only entertains, but also educates, motivates and encourages. I had the chance to listen to their latest album, Live From The Coney Island (a reference to the many independently owned mom and pop restaurants that are scattered all over the Motor City for those that don’t know), and I can say without hesitation that I was thoroughly impressed. The Regiment’s latest project has to be one of the most solid, engaging and cohesive albums I’ve heard in a while from the Hip Hop genre: not littered with a bunch of songs that don’t fit together, and not necessarily an over intellectual concept album, either. Just straight up raw Hip Hop that’s not interested in fleeting stardom. It harkens back to 90’s era East Coast Hip Hop but doesn’t sound dated or preachy in the least, even with the positive swagger and spin. Definitely not the standard, run-or-the-mill Hip Hop music that we’re so conditioned to these days. The entire album is available for streaming and downloading on, with production primarily from the Legendary Nick Speed. Peep the included link and check out just a few of the songs below. I’m definitely hoping to hear more music from The Regiment in the near future and beyond.



Berkeley, CA-based Bay Area native Coco Peila is more than just your standard, run-of-the-mill emcee. And as an indie artist, she has to be. The grind for independent artists is a real as it’s ever been. But Peila, a graduate twice over of Full Sail University, an educator, a world traveler, an event curator, emcee, poet, singer and feminist that embodies the long tradition of creativity, activism, inclusion and the progressive spirit of California’s Bay Area in her music, seems to take it all in stride. Recently featured as part of Hip Hop Historian Davey D’s “Three Dope Songs” series on his Hip Hop and Politics blog, and having dropped her independently-released freshman album last year entitled I Still Love Him Part 1: Misses Shoot ‘em Down, and I Still Love Him Part 2: Bad B!+@#es 101 tentatively set to drop next month, Coco Peila is poised to take an even greater stance in helping move the art and culture of Hip Hop and black music continuously forward. And judging from her latest single and video, “Misses Shoot ‘em Down”, she’s taking no prisoners in doing so. Check out the video below and visit for more information, see videos and purchase her album!



This past holiday season, many an R&B project got lost in the hustle and bustle of Beyonce’s monumental release of her latest album. But one that did and still deserves a ton of respect and attention is that of St. Louis native Teresa Jenee, who’s been putting out quality, inventive and against-the-grain R&B music for years. Just for her fans, she decided to put out an EP entitled “The Lower East Live EP”, recorded in New York. The four-song quite contains some of her most beautiful music from the past few years, repackaged into a project to re-introduce herself and possibly gain some more attention for the great music she’s been making for years. To take a listen and purchase the EP, go to, where you can also get more information about this amazing artist and buy all of her past musical projects.

INDIE MUSIC SPOTLIGHT: DJ Carisma’s Blue Room Sessions Featuring DUBB

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! That’s right…it’s 2014 and that means it’s time to get back on the music blogging grind. So let’s start the year off with a little West Coast Hip Hop, shall we? Here’s a new entry from L.A.’s DUBB, recently featured on Nipsey Hussle’s Crenshaw mixtape, specifically on the song “Don’t Take Days Off”. Here’s he’s at D.J. Carisma  of Power 106 in L.A.’s Blue Room freestyling his a$$ off. Again, don’t take my word for it…just peep the vid online and tell me I’m lying! DUBB has his new mixtape, Never Content, dropping on January 14. Be sure to take a listen!



Here’s some more independent music from a young lady I started following a just a few years ago, along with the indie music collective she’s part of, The Clergy. Hailing from the DMV area of the country, Lena Chanel may be small on size, but is immense on talent! Check out some of her latest music on her SoundCloud page below. Gotta love the high quality album art courtesy of Clergy all-around go-to guy Jon Bap, as well! The latest singles are called “Weather” and “Waitin”.


Been a minute, but I’m back. Just wanted to give some shine to an artist that really needs to deserve more shine at the moment: Tarica June. She’s been making music for a minute now, but this cover of Jay Z and Rick Ross’s “FWMYKIGI” is, for lack of a better term, SICK! Tarica goes harder than, dare I say, both Jay and Rozay in her rendition of the song. Not only that, but she’s actually saying something in her bars, which come extremely hot and heavy! I can’t really do justice to the the lyricism, you just gotta listen for yourself. Peep.


Thought I’d share some pretty awesome indie music with the masses today! Check out singer/songwriter/producer LenaChanel and her gorgeous cover of SBTRKT’s “Hold On”… you will NOT be disappointed.