HELLO THERE! This is Ron, your friendly neighborhood guy-next-door MUSIC NERDVOCATE. You might be asking yourself, “What in the hell is this guy talking about and why does he feel that he’s important enough to make up his own word??? Don’t we have enough of those already, like GINORMOUS and FABTACULAR and GORGERIFFIC?” Well, if you did that, you’d be getting off on a tangent. But anyway, I consider myself an all around music nerd, and aspiring Hip Hop and music historian, a music publicist in training, a social entrepreneur wanna-be that’s gonna be, and a whole lot more. I’m also a graduate of Full Sail University, an attendee of several big time music festivals (Brooklyn Hop Hop Festival, North Coast Music Festival, SXSW) a content creator, blogger/writer/journalist, a connector of people…you get my drift. i do lots of crap! (Or at least I try to). My purpose with this blog is to combine two of the things I’m best at, being a NERD and an ADVOCATE in support of music, independent artists, a curator and a person that people turn to. Hence the word choice, combination and creation. Overall, I’m just hoping you gain something from this here lil blog. There’s so many out there and I’m so glad you chose mine to take a look at. THANKS A MILLION!


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