MUSIC NERD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Sponji Reggae – Black Uhuru

Been a while since I’ve been able to post up one of my moments and for that I must sincerely apologize. But here we go again! I figured this was as good a song as any to continue on: “Sponji Reggae” by Black Uhuru. Some folks will recognize the song and it’s bouncy, feel good vibes right off the back. But I personally was first introduced to this tune, like many 80’s babies my age, by watching a classic episode of “The Cosby Show”. In truth, Bill Cosby used the platform of mainstream prime time television in the 80’s to expose more people to more music that they otherwise would not have known about, from Reggae to jazz to salsa to African music to Hip Hop. This is one of those songs that stays stuck with you for years and years, and you never know the name of it, but you always want to find out for yourself, “What artist was that???” I personally believe that Black Uhuru created one of the greatest post-Bob Marley songs in all of Reggae. I’ve also included a link to the clip from the Cosby episode below, just to give an even more substantial feel of music nerdiness to this post. I’m sure many of you will remember this one. Enjoy!

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