As a band, Phoenix has been around for a good number of years. However, the album that this song appears on is the one that really exposed them to American audiences just a few years ago in 2009/2010, and with good reason. Much of the music that appears on Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is light, flighty and easy to digest. The one thing that seems like it would be a drawback to potential fans is the almost incoherent lyrics that the group sometimes seems to fall into. But amazingly, this has become a trait that people actually celebrate them for (at least SOME people). “Fences” itself is a collage of dancey, bouncey, poppy soul music with an old school disco, roller skating vibe to it. It’s really the hand claps in the background that make it so catchy, but the melodic yet tempered bass guitar along with some interesting acoustic action later in the song, as well as silky smooth vocals and gliding synth add nicely to the plethora of sounds. It all adds up to a jam that anyone would probably try to sing along with, not knowing the words in the least and more than likely making up their own version. Now one of the most celebrated international bands in the world, Phoenix really did do a number in putting this track together. It’s kinda like a morning ray of sunshine seeping through your window as you wake up to start your day…only for your ears.

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