WHITE PEOPLE JAM OF THE WEEK: Foster The People – Call It What You Want

I was introduced to this song during my time in Austin at SXSW this year. No, I hadn’t been living under a rock for the last year and a half, and I had known about Foster the people and all of their success with “Pumped Up Kicks”, but I had personally not been privy to do more research on them as a group. Then, while staying with a friend from undergrad that is currently living just outside of Austin and he played it for me. Essentially, it’s a happy song. Very upbeat, and something that someone can listen to when they’re feeling down in the dumps to lift spirits. One of the strengths of Foster The People’s music is that in does well to incorporate different feels and attitudes: at it’s foundation, a song like “Call It What You Want” is pop and radio friendly, but there are also lots of soul and R&B elements, as well as the endearing piano keys, the cuts and scratches to help open the number and call-and-response chorus that stays stuck in your mind to the point where you start repeating it to yourself over and over and over. It’s lighthearted, it’s energetic, it’s music from musicians that know not to take themselves too seriously.

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