What to Expect From “Magna Carta Holy Grail”- The Truth with Elliott Wilson

It’s a hard question to ask in terms of what to expect from Magna Carta Holy Grail. The one thing that actually seems to be the same is that Hov is making a big time event out of the album, as many of his joints in the past have been. But if we ask the question of whether it NEEDS to be a classic and nothing more will do…well then, what’s a classic in this day and age, since the term is thrown around so loosely? We know that we’re not going to hear the same Jay that we have in the past, so is this the album that finally reveals him as needing to merely be an ambassador of Hip Hop and hang up the mic, or will he blow the young guns out of the water? Will he be back at his most lyrical, or will he instead rely more on the creativity and experimentation of the music that he rhymes over, similar to what Kanye did with Yeezus? Will we get another Kingdom Come, or will it be a case of Jay getting back to his lyrical roots like he did on American Gangster? Will we respect and cherish it like it we have with past Jay-Z albums or will it lose some of it’s steam because it’s being offered exclusively as a Samsung app, at least at the beginning? Tons and tons of questions, no easy answers. As usual.

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