The “groupie” is an ideal/figure throughout popular music history that has long been romanticized, honored, demonized and vilified all at the same time. From the earliest big band concerts of the early 20th century up until today at any indie rock, Hip Hop or EDM show that you go to, you’re sure to find both males and females that fit the bill of being the dreaded “G” word, whether they’re looking for pleasures of the more carnal nature from the band or something else. Earlier this year, I watched the movie Almost Famous again and found it interesting how the idea of being a “groupie” was both so celebrated and so hated. But just like anything that we talk about in music, there are more contradictions and oxymorons than you can count on both hands and feet. And throughout music history, there are probably thousands upon thousands of songs that give the portrayal of a groupie, are dedicated to them, make fun of them, paint them in the greatest of musical portraits, or express a seething disdain for them. Here are a few of my favorites:

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