WHITE PEOPLE JAM OF THE WEEK: Valley Winter Song – Fountains of Wayne

For the first installment of a curiously-titled but what I hope turns out to be informative segment that I’m starting for this blog, I’m highlighting this song that I’ve literally been trying to dig up for YEARS! I first heard the song while working as a cashier at an Old Navy Outlet clothing store in Ferndale, MI while in college. It was a song played during both the slower summer months as well as the busier holiday season, and throughout my day at the store I remember swaying back and forth to it, hoping that the hours would zoom by a little bit faster. And for one reason or another, the melody and the hook stayed lodged in my subconscious for a long time, yet I could never remember the name of the song, or who the artist was. And lo and behold, earlier this week, it randomly came on the radio at a local indie station. Fumbling and fidgeting around with my phone desparately trying to Shazam it, I triumphed, and here we are! I’m not totally sure of why I’ve always like this song and why it stayed with me for so long. Could it be the nostalgic, sentimental feel of missing the Winter season in the Midwest (everything except for the snow)? Could it be the gentle strum of the guitars? Could it be the airy, lighthearted breeze of the lyrics that make you think they’re gazing endlessly out a window as snowflakes descend one by one to the frozen ground, blanketing and enveloping entire neighborhoods in Winter’s majesty? Or maybe it just makes me think back to the days of struggling through undergrad and trying to keep a part time job. In any case, it’s a great song by Fountains of Wayne and an awesome way to kick off a new part of a growing music blog. Take a listen and be taken away!

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