MUSIC NERD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Killer Mike – Good Bye (City Of Dope)

Killer Mike has truly come into his own as an emcee in the past five years, and truthfully, it started with the I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind series, which he continued in 2008 with the I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind II, the album that this track is found on. “Good Bye (City of Dope)” is a song that’s in a similar vein to Biggie’s “Niggas Bleed” in that it puts Mike in the role of the main hero/villain that gets the best of his fellow partner in crime. Throughout the album, Killer Kill from the ‘Ville displays a brash, uncompromising and powerful flow reminiscent of old school East Coast Boom Bap Hip Hop combined with a ton of down home southern honesty that’s so deep-fried you would swear you’re at a Waffle House in Atlanta. But what makes “Good Bye (City of Dope)” such a standout track is the narrative that Mike puts into focus: the sex, the drugs, the grit and grime that come along with the street life and the take no prisoners, dog-eat-dog mentality of the drug trade that eventually causes Killer Mike to plot and scheme against a person that was probably once considered a friend, or at least a business associate. Throw into the sink a pounding bass line, a sinister hook and Mike’s unmistakeable delivery and get a track that displays what unfortunately happens many times in life no matter how hard we try: the bad guy wins.

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