One of the things that is most interesting to me about the final song from 2011’s Watch The Throne album is the note that it leaves the album on. One would think that an ideal ending to arguably the best, most talked about and yet most polarizing Hip Hop album of that year, with it’s grandiose tales of the luxurious life being experienced by Hip Hop 1 percenters Jay-Z and Kanye West, would end on a more triumphant note, or at least with the Frank Ocean-featured “Made In America”, just to wrap things up in a nice little package for the listener. But instead, Jay and ‘Ye take a left turn and leave us with a tale steeped in ego, betrayal, hurt feelings, lost innocence and lost brotherhood experienced in an industry where all of the former is unfortunately the norm. “Why I Love You” comes at the end of an album filled with constant arrogant rapper braggadocio, a level that no one besides Jay and Kanye have experienced, but also having poignant moments of father-to-son advice (“New Day”) the questioning of organized religion (“No Church In The Wild”) and the curious combination of the celebratory and the somber (“Murder to Excellence”). But “Why I Love You” stands on it’s own, filled with enough intrigue and dramatic flair to be a scene in a Godfather movie. The Throne clearly wanted to go for the avant-garde throughout the album, but with a sample from “I Love You So” by French house/synth pop duo Cassius, “Why I Love You” delves slightly into Euro dubstep to give the track a more atmospheric and emotional feel. This is a song that sounds as if it could be featured in Hollywood motion picture trailer. Personally, I believe that the song could have been used as background music for the dissolution in the relationship between Stringer Bell and Avon Barksdale at the end of Season 3 on The Wire. A powerful statement from one of the best from 2011.

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