MUSIC NERD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Funkadelic – Cosmic Slop

Truthfully, there are lots of songs out there about prostitution and call girls. Probably too many to even try to name here. But one of the best that I personally came across just a few years ago was this one by Funkadelic. This was the group that was the more experimental, more hard funk rock oriented side of the George Clinton machine of the 1970s, with Parliament composing the more pristine yet fun loving R&B dance funk side. While Parliament seemed to be more about fun and making dance along soul hits, Funkadelic was the darker, edgier and more topical brand of George Clinton’s grand mastermind experiment in music. One of the things that both groups did so well (and sometimes crossing over into one another) was to make music that you could groove to but that still had a subversive and sometimes political message. That’s exactly what “Cosmic Slop” is: You can nod your head to it, but the lyrics tell the sad and bleak story of a mother reduced to prostitution to support a family she can barely hold onto, and how society judges for it. And this is all from the perspective of her seemingly middle child who hears her desperate pleas for help to the Almighty when she has nothing left to give. It’s gritty, groovy, thought-provoking and heart breaking all at the same time. Truly one of the greatest achievements in Clinton’s and in the Parliament/Funkadelic catalog.

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