‘The worst kind of celebrity:’ Kanye West did some very Kanye West things at a concert Wednesday night


It’s pretty interesting how ‘Ye is able to take the events of his life and turn them into performance art. I personally don’t think that anyone else does it better, simply because we’re still pining over him and talking about him to no end in anticipation of his next set of music. He might be douche, but he’s savvy douche.

Originally posted on National Post | Arts:

[np_storybar title=”‘I ain’t here to apologize': Watch a video of Kanye West’s Adult Swim concert rant” link=”#1″]

Kanye West called himself “the worst kind of celebrity” on Wednesday night in concert at the Adult Swim channel’s upfront party.

What at first sounded like an uncharacteristic display of low self-esteem quickly turned, and the West we know and love emerged as confident and Amazingas ever. The rapper is the “worst kind of celebrity,” because “all I do is make real music,” he said in perfect sing-song. 

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Yeezy then moved on to address various rumours about his recent activities. If you were wondering whether or not he will perform in a paparazzi-themed SNL skit this weekend and “humanize” himself (something he claims he was asked), here is your answer:

“I ain’t here to apologize,” he said rhythmically, backed by ominous piano chords. “It ain’t about me humanizing…

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