Ghostface Killah + Adrian Younge – “Twelve Reasons To Die” trailer and NPR Interview

Personally I’m really glad to see that there is so much more attention that’s now being given to Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge’s collaborative effort, Twelve Reasons To Die. But even better is that this project, following on the heels of the RZA-produced movie The Man With the Iron Fists, seems like it will be a wide-ranging multi media experience as both an album and a comic book. Below is the trailer for the project, which is due in April, but I’ve also included a link to an interview recently done by Terry Gross on NPR’s Fresh Air. As always, Gross delves deeply into many subjects with Younge. He’s a pretty amazing guy and is extremely honest about his feelings on today’s Hip Hop, his diverse musical influences and a whole lot more. Great interview of anyone that’s looking to expand their musical palette.

Here’s the link to the NPR Interview. Enjoy!

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