This a an interesting choice of album cover for Styles P’s next joint, which is due very soon. Interesting how the album cover has become more and less important at the same time these days. But truthfully, the real focus should be the music, and on his past album, Styles P has definitely delivered. So I’m looking forward to it!

Originally posted on Rap Radar:


Styles P finds himself in purply haze on the cover his next album, produced entirely by Scram Jones. The project drops April 16th, but check out the track list below.

1. Float Intro
2. Manson Murder (ft. N.O.R.E.)
3. Bodies In The Basement
4. Hater Love (ft. Sheek Louch)
5. Take It Back
6. Haze Vs. Sour Skit
7. I Need Weed
8. Red Eye (ft. Jadakiss)
9. Reckless (ft. Raekwon)
10. Shoot You Down
11. Open Up (ft. Bullpen)
12. Screw Y’all (Scram Jones

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