Here’s another take on SXSW…interesting.

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So this week was the annual insanity in Austin, TX known as South by Southwest (sxsw). The original idea of sxsw from many, many years ago was that it was an industry event where new and unsigned bands could come and play with the possibility of getting signed by a label.

I am not sure that has been the goal for at least about 20 years.

Sxsw now is simply a smorgasbord of free beer and douche-y badge-wearing hacks pushing their way around the town. Now the biggest acts around play super-secret private parties for VIP’s who have no interest in real music. I am not sure how many times I heard someone on the bus asking about where and when Snoop Lion was playing. And also whether or not Snoop Lion was his new name or just some sort of phase Calvin Broadus is going through.


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