Originally posted on AllHipHop.com:

“She said you left ya kids and they just like you/They wanna rap and make soul beats just like you/but they just not you.” -Kanye West, “Home”

Chief Keef is the son of Kanye West. Not biologically, of course, that progeny will soon be delivered by Ms. Kardashian. But, metaphorically speaking, Kanye, Keef is yours to claim. The age is right, at 35, Kanye could have a 17-year old child who grew up watching their parent mature and change. A child who likes all of the same songs and movies, who at times feels like a sibling, but is your own seed, the product of your youthful indiscretions whom you love, but who also represents everything you should have done differently when you were their age.

And young Keef grew up without his metaphorical “father.” By the time, he was walking, Kanye was producing. As Keef entered kindergarten, Kanye entered…

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