good kid Uncovered: 10 Things To Know About the Elusive Kendrick Lamar

Originally posted on AllHipHop:

N.W.A put Compton on the Hip-Hop map in the late 1980s with their brazen attitude and uncompromising description of the city. The approach worked so well that the “gangsta rap” trail that they blazed would not only define Compton, but the entire West Coast for decades that followed.

Now, however, Compton Hip-Hop has turned a corner with Kendrick Lamar. His brand new release, good kid, m.A.A.d city, has been hailed by many in the genre as an instant classic. With a gift for lyricism, a unique flow, and a knack for conceptualizing content, Lamar is a voice from Compton unlike anything heard before. And, with influences ranging from jazz to DMX, he and his Black Hippy movement are just as much 3 Feet High and Rising as 100 Miles and Running.

Behold, Kendrick Lamar – the voice of the next generation that many will undoubtedly follow.

Here are 10…

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