EXCLUSIVE: RZA Reveals Whether Or Not He’s Hanging Up The Mic For Good To Focus On Making Films

Originally posted on AllHipHop:

As one of the founding members of the rap super group, Wu Tang Clan, its befitting that RZA’s directorial debut would come in the form of a Kung Fu movie. After all, Wu Tang is responsible for educating a whole generation about old school Kung-Fu movies including, “Five Deadly Venoms,” “Wu-Tang” and “Shaolin.”

The multi-talented producer, rapper, actor and now director took on a huge challenge when he sat down six years ago and began working on the script for his vision of the perfect Kung Fu movie – “The Man With The Iron Fist.” RZA is finally going to see his vision come to fruition, when the movie hits theaters nation wide on November 2nd – but all of his success did not come without much sacrifice and dedication.

“I spent 150 days in China [shooting the movie] so I became very very homesick and very lonely, said RZA”…

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