Ross vs. Jeezy: A Short Observation

At this point, can we really say anything else about the “beef” between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy that hasn’t already been said? Yup, it happened once again at a Hip Hop awards show. Yes, there were reports that shoves and angry glances were exchanges, gunshots were fired, and eventually the media hoopla went into full swing. So truthfully, whose to blame in all of this? Is it the artists and their tendency to let ego and misunderstandings override the fact that they are at a special show that’s supposed to be celebrating Hip Hop? Is it the media which tends to over hype and sensationalize the facts of what really happened? Is it BET that has probably said and will continue to say that they have no control over any conflicts the artists have that may spill over into the taping of the show? Is it the fans that, in all honestly, feed into the circus that many times surrounds these events? Is anyone even to “blame” at all, or should we expect this from the proverbial Hip Hop Awards’ show? And if we do, what does it really say about the art and the culture THAT we do?

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