Hypebot Article – Ex-TuneCore CEO Jeff Price: The End Of The New Music Industry Transformation

Music has changed, all around, plain and simple. Ideals that were formerly thought of as standard and set in stone are now shaky at best in the eyes of many a music business professional and music consumer. And one of the people on the front lines of the changing music business model has been Jeff Price, the former CEO of TuneCore, the famous digital music distribution service that helped independent artists get on the shelves of many of the world’s top digital music services. Price, who also started TuneCore’s Global Publishing Administration and ran independent label spinART, recently contributed an article to Hypebot.com that gives a short history of the changes that have been happening to the music industry in the last 10-15 years. Price exudes an unparalleled confidence in his knowledge and experience in the music industry and does a masterful job of breaking down both where the industry has been and the direction it’s beginning to go in, as consumers and their tastes continue to drive the industry more and more. True, Price’s takes a very hard-lined stance against the major/mainstream music industry, but this is still a great and informative read that anyone interested in the business side of music would do well to read and learn from.

Check out the story at this link. Special thanks to Hypebot.com, Jeff Price and Clyde Smith.

One comment

  1. lowestofthekeys

    Jeff Price is eccentric, but I trust him more than the labels when it comes to doing music.

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