Freddie Gibbs Forms ESGN Imprint


Didn’t see this one coming, but I guess we should have. So many rappers are forming labels these days. If he’s smart, Gibbs will do his best to create a sustainable brand that goes far beyond entertainment.

Originally posted on Rap Radar:

Freddie Gibbs is taking his ESGN to a whole new level. In a partnership with EMPIRE Distrubtion, Gibbs is launching his own independent label. To hear him tell it.

“ESGN is me. If you’re in it, you know what it’s all about. You might know ESGN from my blog on RapRadar, but it’s basically the full embodiment of what I represent: music, film, fashion and more. I decided to partner up with EMPIRE Distribution because I like the way they rock. They make things simple and I like keeping things simple. They allow me to do what I gotta do and help me expand my reach through their various relationships.”

His Baby Face Killa mixtape drops September 25 and he plans to release a retail version with additional tracks afterwards.

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