The World’s Still a Ghetto: Is the ‘Hood Better Off?


A VERY well written piece on Hip Hop and election time, but not only that, on what we need to do differently to ensure that we’re not caught in the same exact cycle that we are every four years.

Originally posted on AllHipHop:

“Don’t you know/ that it’s true/that for me/ and for you/the world is a ghetto” – “The World Is A Ghetto”, War

The Democratic National Convention was going as scripted, as each speaker bragged about what the party had accomplished over the last four years, and what the President would do if elected for another term. That was until 18-year-old, aspiring poet, “Terrell from Taco Bell, “ yelled out from the cheap seats, “Is my neighborhood better off than it was four years ago?” As silence fell over the auditorium, it was clear that everyone knew the answer…

It’s not everyday that a sitting president feels the agony of defeat. So back in 1980, when Ronald Reagan beat Jimmy Carter, it sent a shockwave through the political system. Many people say that Reagan’s knockout punch came when he asked the American public, “Are you better off now than you were…

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